I made an EV


The conversion of my Honda CRX to battery-powered EV. Over 300 hours put into engineering, custom metal fabrication, circuit design, and high-voltage electrical work.

C-Rex was faster than stock, cost less to operate, had fewer moving parts, and was more fun to drive! Sadly, I sold him when I became a dad since he had no backseats. 😭

A man lifting an engine out of a car on an engine hoist

Gutting the internal combustion parts

The easy part.. if it leaks or squeaks, it's gone!

An electric motor mounted to a transmission for an EV project

Installing the electric motor

DC motor mounted to the original transmission

A shipment of blue EV batteries

Batteries arrived (to my great relief)

Still have that fresh-from-Shenzen smell!

A man strapping together EV batteries

Strapping the battery packs

A good chunk of time went into designing the battery packs, the heart of any EV

EV batteries in a welded metal rack

Rear battery pack

I cut a hole in the floor behind the front seats. GR8 Stuff is my friend.

A battery rack being installed into an EV

Installing front battery racks

Painted maize, of course

A man proudly displaying his EV drivetrain. EV grin prominent.

Electric drivetrain finished

Six months of planning, setbacks, and late nights

An electrified Honda CRX

Full body, wheel, & glass restoration

Lots of body work and a brand new paint job later

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