I made a device that goes in your fridge to curb snacking habits


During a paternity leave, I found myself getting into bad late-night snacking habits, so I built Curb. You stick it up in your fridge and set what hours of the day you want to prohibit snacking.

If you open the fridge during a time of day you're not supposed to be snacking, Curb will sense the fridge light and play a gentle melody to remind you of the goal you set for yourself (it's not supposed to be annoying or shaming).

Curb worked and even helped me to stop snacking as often. I used an off-the-shelf enclosure to reduce manufacturing requirements, but bringing it to market still ended up being more than I could handle by myself while also working full-time (and having a new baby).

A breadboard electronics prototype

Breadboarding the prototype

Getting the basic circuit and firmware working. Just a microcontroller, real-time clock, ambient light sensor, and piezo speaker.

PCB of a device to curb snacking habits

Curb PCB

Used a lithium battery for its lower leakage at cold temps. User can set the time window with a button.

A homemade temperature chamber for PCB testing


I built a temperature controlled chamber so I could test Curb at low temps. Made from a minifridge, heating coils, fans, and a PID controller.

Curb in its final enclosure

Final Product

Used an off-the-shelf enclosure that looked nice and would let the fridge light in and speaker noise out. Custom die-cut label.

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