I made an internet-connected car alarm


As a consultant, I turned my client's idea for an internet-connected impact-sensing car alarm into a shipping product. He's sold millions in revenue.. wish I'd asked for equity 😂

BMMPR plugs into the OBD-II port, and has cellular and bluetooth connectivity, GPS, and an accelerometer. I designed all the hardware and wrote the firmware to connect to the mobile app and an AWS backend.

A breadboard electronics prototype

Breadboarding the prototype

The journey of 1000 miles begins with one giant breadboard covered in evaluation boards

A thermal image of a short-circuit hotspot

Debugging GPS lock

Using a development board to figure out why I wasn't getting GPS lock

An internet-connected smart car alarm

BMMPR mainboard

The mainboard contains the OBD connector, buck converter, accelerometer, and cellular radio

An internet-connected smart car alarm

BMMPR daughterboard

The daughterboard plugs on top of the mainboard and has the microcontroller, bluetooth radio, and GPS module

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